Get Approved For  Merchant Account For Collection Agencies

We specialize in getting collections agencies and businesses approved and accepting credit cards fast – Even if you’ve been turned down for a merchant account in the past.

  • Boost sales by accepting more payment types
  • Don’t waste time with traditional merchant service providers who will just deny you an account in the end
  • Absolutely no fees. We’ll prove it – call us today!
  • 100% Guaranteed (details below)

We’ll Get You Approved!

    Great for :

    • Small-debt collectors
    • Large-debt collectors
    • B2B
    • B2C

    We’re so confident that you’ll be satisfied we GUARANTEE it!


    If at any point you decide that the High Risk Solution service is not right for your business, we will match whatever deal you currently have with your Credit Card Processing Company and switch you back to the traditional credit card processing platform.


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    What Our Customers Say

    With the extra money I'm making I was able to hire another employee and now my business is finally expanding!

    Matt R.

    Before I switched to The High Risk Solution, I could only take cash payments because local banks didn't like my business.

    Alex T.

    I was declined for a merchant account. Now that we have one, sales have tripled!

    Garret P.

    Our Services


  • Medium/High Risk Accounts
  • Rapid Account Approval
  • Large Merchant Case Studies
  • E-Commerce and Retail

  • E-Commerce Gateway
  • Chargeback Prevention
  • ACH
  • E-Check
  • Credit Cards
  • B2B-Level II/III Data Discounts
  • Mobile Payment
  • EMV Readers

  • Gateway Recurring Billing
  • Vault
  • E-Commerce Cart Plugins
  • Developer API / Docs
  • POS/Terminals